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All ingredients

Pulp / Rayon Blend

Precautions for use

1) In case of a defective product, discontinue immediately.

2) Store away from direct sunlight or the place with high temperature and humidity.

3) The product is inflammable. Store away from heat.

4) Store away from the reach of infants and children.

5) Do not use the product for purposes other than those specified.

6) This product is for one-time use only and cannot be reused.

How to use

Marked Separately

Content Volume  120p

Country of Manufacture  Republic of Korea

Sales Representative of the Cosmetic  BARINU CO., LTD.

Manufacturer of Cosmetic  Marked Separately

Size   70mm x 50 mm

If there is something wrong with this product, we will compensate you according to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards announced by the Fair Trade Commission.

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groundplan halfcotton
A soft sheet is designed to minimize irritation on the skin while increasing adhesiveness.
Toner applied to skin via Half Cotton can fully moisturize the skin without any waste.


The smart cotton pad can deliver double the moisturizing effect of the toner product using only ½ of regular dosage.
A box containing 120 sheets allows liberal usage. A sheet can be used as a cotton pad or facial pack.
The soft yet dense surface of the sheet can perfectly adhere to the skin to increase absorption of the applied cosmetic product.


Facial pack using toner
Liberally moisten cotton pads with the toner product and place them on the face for 3~5 minutes to fully hydrate dehydrated skin.
Facial pack using mist
Liberally moisten cotton pads with the mist product and place them on the area in need of soothing care for 3~5 minutes to give sensitized skin a comforting soothing care.