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All ingredients Marked Separately
Precautions for use

1) During or after using the cosmetic product, side effects or abnormal symptoms, such as redness, swelling and itchiness, caused by direct sunlight occur, consult with your physician.

2) Avoid using on wounded areas.

3) Cautions for storage or handling.

a) Store away from the reach of children. b) Store away from direct sunlight.

How to use Marked Separately

Content Volume.  Marked Separately
Country of Manufacture  Republic of Korea
Sales Representative of the Cosmetic  BARINU CA., LTD.
Manufacturer of the Cosmetic  Marked Separately
Manufacturer's Serial Number and Expiration Date   Marked Separately

Human Trial Tests
Skin hypoallergenic test via human trial completed / The Clinical Trial Center for Bio-Industry at Semyung University
Skin sensitivity test via human trial completed / Mariedm Skin Science Expert
If there is something wrong with this product, we will compensate you according to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards announced by the Fair Trade Commission.

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groundplan trialkit
The trial kit comprises of seven Ground Plan products in trial size


groundplan gelmoisture 2ml
groundplan cleansingfoam 2ml
groundplan cleansingbalm 4g
groundplan cream 4ml
groundplan gelcream 4ml
groundplan nightpack 4ml
groundplan peelingpad 1p, 2.5ml